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Car Pool service driving value for the VPS

More Victorian Government clients are seeing the benefits of using the SSP Car Pool Service, reflected in a 6% increase in utilisation of the fleet between July 2017 and July 2018.

SSP Car Pool Services regularly compares its rates against commercial providers to ensure we are delivering the best value for Victorian Government clients. A recent analysis* undertaken by the Shared Service Provider has found that our Car Pool Service is delivering cost savings of over 30% when compared with the daily rates of four leading providers from industry.

The analysis combined the average cost of the two lowest priced commercial providers against SSP Car Pool Service, and compared charges including:

  • daily rate
  • insurance excess reduction
  • admin/transaction fees
  • vehicle registration fee
  • fuel
  • toll charges
  • net rental ex GST
  • roadside assistance
  • GPS
  • additional driver.

To find out more about SSP's Car Pool Service visit the Car Pool Service page or contact us.

*Charges are based on rates for a Toyota Camry, being picked up in Melbourne CBD for one day, 5pm to 5 pm, Thursday To Friday. Shaded rows attract additional fees but are generally standard in SSP pooled vehicles. No charge calculated for department administration costs associated with external hire vehicles. Age restrictions apply to externally hired vehicles, including restrictions for users under the age of 25 renting vehicles.

Reviewed 03 February 2023

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