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Corrigo FAQs

The SSP online helpdesk (Corrigo) makes it easy for you to raise an office Facility Management (FM) work order request. Please read the answers to the questions you might have about using the system.

  1. Please use the following browsers to run the new Corrigo system:

    • Microsoft Edge Chromium
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox

    Corrigo does not support earlier versions of Edge and Internet Explorers as these are Microsoft legacy browsers.

  2. The Corrigo customer portal has modern user interface to ensure good user experience through the following features:

    • an optional Google map widget that auto-calculates the user’s current location, which is designed to increase the speed of raising a request
    • simple drill-down menus that provide visual cues and the ability to attach multiple documents and pictures in one action to make raising a work order easier
    • a ‘request timeline’ feature to provide more visibility in the progress of your work order request
    • a simple way to provide your work order verification and feedback on completion.
    • Go to CorrigoExternal Link website.
    • Register your details and you’ll receive an email to set your password.
    • Download the Corrigo Incorporated mobile app from the Apple App or Google Play Store.
    • Log in to Corrigo and choose the company name: JLL VIC-GOVT-AU.
  3. Corrigo's ‘request timeline’ feature is designed to provide more transparency in the progress of your request. You can view the actions, the time and the update from a Facility Manager or a vendor regarding the status of your request.

  4. Mobile app notifications are built-in the Corrigo app. Please ensure that your app notification are enabled in your mobile phone settings.

  5. Yes, you can upload an MP4 file in the work order provided that it will not exceed the 24MB file limit.

  6. If you are not satisfied with the standard of Facility management services or you have an issue with a work request, you can raise a formal complaint by following this process:

    • open CorrigoExternal Link
    • create a new work order, select the property and location
    • under the "What can we help you with" drop-down list select "Complaints"
    • provide the details of your complaint on the form that appears and submit
    • to raise a general not WO related complaint, please fill in the Complaints form.
  7. Yes, you can print the work order history through the work order “actions”.

  8. Training resources

    To learn how to register and log work orders, download Corrigo user guide:

      Training videos

      How to create a work order

      How to view a progress of the work order

      How to create a work order

    • Please contact your respective site Facility Manager or email

    Reviewed 11 April 2023

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