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Introducing Canopy - the new sustainability reporting platform for SSP managed sites

From 12 to 30 September 2022, SSP’s sustainability reporting program tool ESP will be replaced with a new platform called Canopy.

The new sustainability reporting platform, Canopy, has many new capabilities and features to support improved tracking, management, analysis and reporting on key sustainability initiatives and savings to inform decision-making for SSP, JLL and clients across all SSP managed sites.

During the migration from ESP to Canopy between 12 and 30 September, the information on the ESP platform will be ‘frozen’ from the commencement of the migration to Canopy, and no new or edited data will be able to be uploaded to ESP. However, existing ESP users will still have access to ESP to be able to obtain all data current as of August 2022. Once the migration has been completed, all historical information will be available on the new Canopy platform.

Existing ESP Users are currently being notified by JLL, SSP’s accommodation service delivery partner, with information about the transition and how to access the new Canopy platform.

For further information please contact: Rene Hermon at Jones Lang LaSalle on M: 0438 370 400 or E:; or Mary Habla at Shared Service Provider on M: 0476 872 378 or E:

Reviewed 12 September 2022

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