Victorian Government Library Service

Supporting Victorian Government departments and agencies to deliver quality research and policy outcomes for the Victorian community.


Suspension of loans service and book returns

Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 virus and the uncertainty around work arrangements for most VPS staff, we've decided to suspend our loan service and are asking you to return all borrowed items.


Please read returning instructions

What we do

We ensure that Victorian Government clients and staff have easy access to the information resources needed to do the work for the government:

  • through the collections of licensed electronic resources
  • the Whole of Victorian Government library collection
  • a team of information professionals
  • research assistance and extensive information skills program
  • access to a global network of libraries and suppliers.

We have resources covering the following subject areas:

  • Law
  • Economics and Finance
  • Health and Human Services
  • Transport, Roads and Infrastructure
  • Governance and Risk
  • Public Administration and Business
  • Science and Technology
  • Management

Access to information

Research support

Online subscriptions

Publications registration - ISBN and ISSN allocation



How to contact library services

Reviewed 20 March 2020