Suburban Hubs are delivering more flexible working choices for VPS

As part of the Victorian Government’s longer-term flexible working arrangements to enable employees to work from a combination of home, hub and primary workplace, Victorian Public Service (VPS) employees can now apply to occasionally work from one of the new Suburban Hubs.

If you are a Victorian Public Servant (VPS), you can now apply to occasionally work at the newly completed Suburban Government Hubs as part of the Victorian Government’s longer-term flexible working arrangements – allowing employees to work from a combination of home, hub, and primary workplace.

There are five hubs in total;

  • the original Suburban hub in Footscray has had a huge demand since opening in February 2021
  • two hubs located in Mulgrave and Williams Landing opened to VPS staff on 28 June 2021
  • two more hubs Dandenong and Essendon Fields are being prepared now and on track to be open for business for vaccinated  VPS staff around 24th November 2021.

These sites will offer VPS office space and meeting rooms for focused individual work, team meetings and collaboration workshops.

Suburban hub benefits

  • Greater flexibility to support staff wellbeing and productivity
  • Increased options for remote working to support work/life balance
  • Access to office infrastructure, i.e. desks, chairs, monitors, break out areas/kitchens
  • Reduced commute time to a work site
  • A change of working environment
  • Opportunities to network across diverse government departments.
  • Supporting local cafes/restaurants

Shared Service Provider’s role in the project

The Department of Treasury and Finance through the Shared Service Provider (SSP) has contributed significant expertise in the areas of leasing and facilities management of office accommodation and has been pivotal in site selections aligned with workforce and ongoing office accommodation demands.

SSP has also established Customer Service Representatives at the 5 sites to support VPS staff to navigate the hub locations and operations and is responsible for maintaining the facilities on-site through our partner in accommodation service delivery, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).

What first users say about the hub

Hub users have consistently reported high levels of satisfaction (99 per cent), productivity (99 per cent), and flexibility that positively contributes to their mental health (93 per cent) when working from the hub. These results have been sustained despite public health restrictions being tightened and relaxed since February 2021, e.g. mask mandates.

“I really appreciate being able to break up my week across the main office, home and the hub according to what my work and personal commitments look like on different days. I think it makes me a more productive and healthier employee.”​- Feedback from a user at the Footscray hub.

How to participate in a trial

VPS employees can visit their Department’s intranet for information on “How the VPS hub can work for you” and complete the Expression of the interest form.

Complete the EOI now

VPS employees must obtain their manager’s approval to participate as part of their flexible work arrangements, in accordance with their team and organisation-wide arrangements.

Further information

To get a better understanding of the suburban hubs, please read the Frequently asked questions.

To learn what is available at each hub and have a look at the photos, please download and read the Hubs information pack.

Take a peek into the first hub in Footscray to get a better feel for what it's like, and how it works.

If you are registered with the Innovations network, use this link to see more information about each suburban hub

For further information about this initiative, please contact DPC Suburban hubs Program Lead, Jody Culey at: or the SSP Comms team at

Reviewed 10 November 2021