Car Pool Service

The Shared Service Provider (SSP) delivers a cost effective vehicle rental service for Victorian Government departments and agencies, including an online booking service and convenient monthly invoicing.

Covid virus
Covid virus

Car pool is currently offering a scaled-back service

SSP’s car pool service will operate on a reduced scale to provide vehicle hire services to SSP clients involved in essential work. The service operates from the Treasury Reserve (Basement of 55 St Andrews Place) from 7am to 5pm daily on work days. If you have any questions, please contact


Book a car, bus or van for approved Victorian Government travel

To book a car you need to:

  • be a current Victorian Public Service employee;
  • register and create your driver profile in our online car booking system.

If you are a Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) customer, your booking must have a name and the new 31 digit format charge code. You will not need to raise a Purchase order each time you need to book a vehicle.

A bulk order has been raised for the whole of DELWP and this has been supplied to SSP Fleet. This will cover all DELWP bookings. All DELWP charges for SSP Fleet hire will be charged to the one bulk order. 

Car booking process

  • If you are a new user, please register online at: using your VPS email address.

    After you receive a password via email, you can login to the booking system.

    For more information on how to use the booking system, please read:

  • If you are a registered user, you can login at:

    Once in the booking system, you can select ‘Book a car’, enter your booking details and submit the form.

  • Passwords cannot be personalised due to security. Keep the email you received when registering for future reference or save password in your browser. You can always request a new password if you lose your password.

  • To obtain a new password, please go to and use your mail to request a new one.

    After you receive a new password via email, you can login to the booking system.

  • For more information on how to use the booking system, please download:

  • For urgent bookings

    Call one of our Service Centres to check availability:

    Treasury Reserve Service Centre

    03 7005 9255

    121 Exhibition Street Service Centre

    03 8683 3903

    50 Lonsdale Street

    03 9096 0616

  • For bookings over continuous 30 days, you must complete an application for long term hire.

  • Once you have booked a vehicle and your booking has been approved by your manager, you will receive an email confirmation.

    On the day of your vehicle collection, you will receive a text message to your mobile phone advising the collection time and location.

  • You will need to present a current driver licence when collecting your car.

    Cars are available for collection 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) from the following locations:

    Treasury Reserve Service Centre ( access via Treasury Place)

    Basement, 55 St Andrews Place
    Call: 03 7005 9255

    121 Exhibition Street Service Centre

    Level 32
    Call: 03 8683 390

    50 Lonsdale Street

    Ground floor reception
    Call: 03 9096 0616

  • Damage or urgent repairs must be reported immediately to the Service Centre. You are responsible for contacting roadside assist for issues such as:

    • flat battery
    • flat tyre
    • breakdown
    • out of fuel
    • lockout.

    You must report this to the Service Centre so that future bookings can be managed as a result of delays.

  • Accidents

    At the scene of an accident, you should:

    • exchange vehicle and personal details with others involved
    • provide contact details for the Shared Service Provider Car Pool Service
    • notify police in the event of property damage or injury
    • contact the Service Centre if the vehicle is not safe drive.

    When you return the car you must:

    • report the incident to your Service Centre Officer
    • complete an insurance claim form and return to the Service Centre
    • advise your department or agency management.


    If your car is stolen, you must notify the police and the Service Centre immediately. The driver must report stolen or lost e-tags, fuel cards and car park passes to our Service Centre.

    The personal and departmental property, such as laptops, phones or sunglasses stolen from vehicles are not covered by insurance. Personal and departmental valuables should not be left in cars unattended or in plain view.

  • When you return your car, ensure that:

    • it has at least half a tank of fuel
    • all personal items and rubbish are removed from the vehicle
    • the log sheet is completed correctly.

    To see instructions on how to fill in the log sheet, please go to I want to know how to fill in the vehicle log sheet  tab on this page.

    After hours returns

    There are drop boxes for vehicle keys and log books available Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) during the following times

    Treasury Reserve Service Centre

    7am-8am and 5pm-7pm

    Phone: 03 9651 2355

    121 Exhibition Street Service Centre

    7am-8am and 5pm-7pm

    Phone: 03 8683 3904

    50 Lonsdale Street ground floor reception

    6:30am-8am and 5pm-7pm

    Phone: 03 9096 0616

    Late returns

    If you anticipate returning your car later then specified, please contact the Service Centre as soon as possible. Additional charges may apply.

  • What needs to be done?

    The log sheet needs to be completed by the driver at the end of each trip, regardless of whether the travel was for business or private purposes.

    While it may take a few minutes to complete the log book, please use a separate line entry for each day’s travel use and ensure that you fill in all the fields.

    What happens if I don’t complete the log book?

    All drivers are required to fill in the log book properly, as there are significant financial implications for your department/agency if this is not done, or if log sheet records are incomplete.

    Importantly, filling in the log sheet is a condition of hiring the vehicle and an incomplete log book may impact your ability to hire a vehicle in future.

    We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that we both can meet our legal and financial obligations in relation to accessing pool cars.

    You can obtain the log sheet by contacting SSP car pool on 03 7005 9255 or or download it below:

    If you need help with completing the log sheet, please read the instructions:

    After completion, please send the log sheet to

  • Go to, complete and submit the feedback form. All feedback will be collected and stored in accordance with the DTF’s privacy policy and used to improve SSP’s services and delivery.

  • Go to page, complete and submit the Complaint form. The relevant SSP service representative will then contact you to discuss and resolve your complaint.

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Reviewed 28 May 2021