Our clients

SSP delivers office and property, library and car pool services to all Victorian Government departments and a range of agencies.

SSP and our partners in service delivery Jones Lange LaSalle (JLL)  are committed to engaging with our clients and working collaboratively to achieve seamless, integrated and best value shared services for the Victorian Government.      

We deliver our services to the following Victorian Government departments and agencies:

  • Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria
  • Court Services Victoria*
  • Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
  • Department of Transport
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Justice and Community Safety
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Department of Treasury and Finance
  • Development Victoria
  • Environmental Protection Authority
  • Essential Services Commission
  • Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority
  • Government Accommodation Trust
  • Independent Broad Based Anti-corruption commission
  • Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate
  • Office of Public Prosecutions
  • Office of the Public Interest Monitor
  • Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner
  • Public Records Office of Victoria
  • State Revenue Office
  • VicRoads
  • Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation
  • Victorian Electoral Commission
  • Victorian Inspectorate
  • Victorian Office of the Ombudsman
  • Victoria Police*
  • Victorian Public Sector Commission

*Not eligible for Victorian Government Library Service.

Key Client Contacts

Due to the diverse nature and internal processes SSP clients have, we coordinate our service delivery through client-nominated key contacts - a Principal Executive Contact Person (PECP) and a Key Contact Person ( KCP).

Principal Executive Contact Person 

The Principal Contact Person is the main point of contact for SSP to discuss strategic service delivery across all SSP service streams (property, libraries and car pools).

Key accountabilities

  • Responsible for strategic service planning and delivery within the client organisation for any matters involving real estate, facilities management, capital projects, libraries and car pool services and/or corporate operations.
  • Participate in relevant SSP engagement activities designed to support effective service design and delivery, including participation in regular SSP client forums and relationship meetings.
  • Engage in a timely way with relevant senior peers and executives (including Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Secretaries other senior executives) within the client organisation regarding major SSP strategic decisions or activities.
  • Engage with and support the client’s nominated operational or subject matter key contact person (KCP) for advice on important operational matters and initiatives that support strategic shared service delivery.
  • Contribute to SSP initiatives, steering groups and control boards designed to support effective, efficient, integrated and innovative shared service delivery across the Victorian public sector.

PECP’s primary points of contact with SSP/JLL

The PECPs will engage most frequently with the following SSP (and JLL) positions:

  • SSP Directors and Senior Leads (Director Service Delivery, Engagement and Business Development Lead, Director Commercial and Corporate).
  • JLL Relationship Manager (for Property Services).
  • SSP Relationship Managers.
  • SSP Finance Manager.
  • SSP Senior Leadership Team.
  • JLL Senior Leadership Team (for Property Services).

Subject Matter or Operational Key Contact Person (KCP)

Key accountabilities

  • Serve as the main liaison point between SSP and the client department/agency within a service stream (property services, library services or car pools) - some agencies may nominate an operationally focused KCP to cover more than one service stream if this is applicable to the organisational structure, functional areas and internal processes.
  • Ensure information about SSP services is regularly and effectively communicated to relevant areas individuals within the client department/agency as required in a timely manner, and liaise with the Principal KCP including Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Corporate and other senior executives and end users of SSP services.
  • Have a strong understanding of the department/agency's operation service delivery requirements and share this information with SSP representatives to support timely and accurate service delivery.
  • Make informed recommendations to SSP on behalf of the client organisation, conducting necessary internal consultations.
  • Escalate issues within the department/agency as appropriate where decisions and issues resolution are required.

KCP primary points of contact with SSP/JLL

The  KCPs will engage most frequently with the following SSP and JLL positions:

  • JLL subject matter experts for property services (nominated real estate and facilities management contacts, selected project managers allocated for projects).
  • SSP subject matter experts and service contacts (real estate planning, facilities management planning, libraries, car pools).
  • SSP relationship managers.
  • SSP finance staff.

Find your Principal or Key Contact Person

Contact us to request the details of your department or agency's key contact person.

Reviewed 01 May 2019

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