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Our clients

SSP and our partners in service delivery Jones Lange LaSalle (JLL)External Link are committed to engaging with our clients and working collaboratively to achieve seamless, integrated and best-value shared services for the Victorian Government.

We deliver our services to the following Victorian Government departments and agencies:

  1. Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV)
  2. Court Services Victoria*
  3. Department of Education
  4. Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
  5. Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
  6. Department of Government Services
  7. Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions
  8. Department of Justice and Community Safety
  9. Department of Health
  10. Department of Premier and Cabinet
  11. Department of Transport and Planning
  12. Department of Treasury and Finance
  13. Emergency Recovery Victoria
  14. Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority*
  15. Environment Protection Authority
  16. Essential Services Commission
  17. Local Government Inspectorate
  18. Major Transport Infrastructure Authority
  19. Office of Public Prosecution
  20. Office of the Ombudsman Victoria
  21. Office of the Public Interest Monitor
  22. Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner
  23. Parks Vic*
  24. State Revenue Office
  25. Suburban Rail Loop Authority
  26. Victorian Auditor General’s Office*
  27. Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission
  28. Victorian Electoral Commissioner
  29. Victorian Inspectorate
  30. Victoria Police*
  31. Victorian Public Sector Commission

*Not eligible for Victorian Government Library Service.

Reviewed 16 January 2023